Bees and Trump Join the End Times

I have never been one to point to any one trend, or one State of the Union address as an end times event, but with so many things happening at once, it’s worth mentioning a couple of events that have happened recently that point to the End Times that we live in.

First, we have an ongoing issue with bees.  If you do a search such as “bees dying at an alarming rate”, you’ll see this issue has been going on for several years.  To find a more recent one, I searched “bees dying 2018” and found a U.S. News  article, “A Real Buzz Kill“, that shows it’s still an issue.  Of course, one does not have to do this search to know it’s been happening.  I have been noticing bees lying on the streets, side walks, drive ways, parking lots, and back yards for several years.  Enough so, that I did this search recently to see if anyone else had been noticing this.

It occurred to me that in the seven days of creation, God made the insects three days after the plants were created.  It’s an important order because many plants depend on bees to propagate their species through pollination.  On a side note, consider if it were three millions years between these events as some apologists suggest, most plants that we depend on today would have died before we ever saw them.  The article here states.

Seventy of the world’s top 100 crop species are pollinated by bees – and those foods feed 90 percent of mankind. Without a large, healthy bee population, most foods we rely on would disappear.

Bees Dying

Why do I bring this up as an end times consideration.  As mentioned before, there will be famine and pestilence during the times leading up to the last days, and if bees are affecting 90 percent of what we eat, this is perhaps one of the most ignored trend that could lead us to those times.

What about Trump’s State of the Union address?  I’m not joining the Trump haters because who could honestly disagree with developments like unemployment at an all time low, earnings rising, and taxes going down?  The boon, though, could come at a large expense as lost tax revenue could easily fall short paying for a great wall, the defeat of terrorism, more nukes, a whole new infrastructure including paying for jobs to build it, and many more promises with less to pay for it.  Soon, the burden of debt may actually reach a breaking point as Trump’s businesses did in the past.  I hope not, but fear it’s looming.

After 9/11 and the ending of Saddam Hussein, as insurgencies were making the news and pursuit of Al-Qaida leaders made news daily, my 9 year old son once told me a dream that caught the attention of the Spirit inside me  when it sounded far more biblical than the dream of a 9 year old.  He described a many headed beast that was fighting him, and it was a difficult fight, but he was cutting the heads off of this beast with a sword.  He said he was getting tired when he finally cut all the heads off but one.  And he had to add out of no where, “I was an American.”  Then he finally gave all that he had and cut the last head off, but instead of dying, the monster grew a new body, and swallowed him up.

Acts 2:17 “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

When I heard my son’s dream described sounding every bit like a prophecy in the way mentioned in Acts 2:17, it seemed to be about America fighting terrorism.  After all, it was common in those days for the head shots of Al Qaida leaders to be posted whenever they eliminated one.  We knew that Bin Laden was their leader, and would have been the ultimate goal, and we had no idea how hard it would be to finally get him.  So hard, that it wasn’t until Obama was President that we finally got him.

Yet, it wasn’t but a little while longer after ending his reign, that ISIS appeared.  The mention of leaders was minimal, but it was almost as though the internet led this whole beast as terrorist attacks happened without a leader all throughout the world.  It was as though the body controlled it and not any particular head.  You would think this dream says that ISIS will take over America, but that is not happening.

What’s funny, is without knowing of a coming ISIS, I concluded something entirely different after hearing the dream.  I thought it was saying that America would go bankrupt fighting terrorism, and that once the last effort seemed to have stopped the last definite source of terrorism, it would go bankrupt, and would be swallowed up by Europe as the U.N. would swoop in to keep the people of America afloat, propped up by all the nations.

It seemed to not be happening as we’re in a boom instead of a decline.  Nonetheless, we have had multiple efforts to increase the maximum debt as it’s already spiraling out of control.  Between the promises of Trump, and the need for a growing military due to Kim Jong-in, this end result is sounding more possible.

When my son’s dream seemed to point to this, it reminded me what I’ve heard from some Biblical scholars that America does not seem to be part of the end times.  In the description of the 10 kingdoms in Revelation and Daniel, the reasonable symbolic representation of each does not seem to include America, but is rather centered around Europe and those once represented by the Roman Empire.  Perhaps the possible bankruptcy and absorption of America by Europe explains this.  Believe me, I take no joy in the possibility of Trump or Bees bringing bankruptcy or famine, and I certainly hope that neither are part of our futures.