UN Vote is a Sign of Revelation Times

If you know Revelations, it is no surprise that Israel has declared Jerusalem as their Capital and at the same time the world rejected their claim.  It is also no surprise that the U.S. supported it, and are standing apart from the rest of the world.

First of all, Revelations shows a time when Israel and the world grow more at odds.  Israel, Jews, and the earlier Hebrews have a history of standing apart and that doesn’t change in the End Times.  This is part of the reason why the anti-Christ will be arresting and later killing Jews when they reject him as their god.  It is perhaps the reason we know the term antisemitism.

The world today has moved to more moderate opinions toward religious beliefs, and decide more on civil terms than moral or religious terms.  It is seeking more and more to choose as one the civil underdogs to unite against any religious strongholds.  It is not much different from the times of the Tower of Babel when all were united in language and the desire to distance themselves from God’s laws and expectations.  An unbending Israel is standing against their judgments and rejecting the demands of the world’s chosen underdogs.

Of course, at one time, Jews were the clear underdogs having suffered so dearly during the holocaust, but in miraculous fashion, Israel was formed into a Nation in a day as prophesied (Isaiah 66:8-24), and when surrounding Arab countries threatened to wipe out every man woman and child in Israel, the Jews defeated their enemies against odds as bad as 7 to 1.  For good reason, Jews are proud to be God’s chosen people, and His blessing on them was no more clear than the forming and protecting of Israel.  And regardless of any of this, prophecy constantly talks about enmity and jealousy toward Israel that lasts until Jesus returns.

Could it be that the U.S. siding with Israel will lead them both down that path which opposes the anti-Christ and leads to their ultimate scattering and weakening?  Quite likely, and yet, I say it was no surprise that the U.S. supported Israel and were rejected by the world.  The day is coming when the many nations of the world will send their troops to surround Israel.  What has been unusual in my searching scripture is that there is no clear mention of the U.S. in Revelations.  In other scriptures, the U.S. seems to be a place beyond Ethiopia, or Shinar, but those don’t show up in Revelations. Is it possible that the U.S. goes bankrupt and is absorbed into the other world powers as they side more and more with Israel and lose support from the world.

What’s very odd is that Shinar is also related to Babylon, and when some read the prophecy of Babylon the harlot (Rev. 17), it reads like a fallen U.S.  Many times a prophecy about one major kingdom relates to a similar kingdom that suffers a similar fate (such as Daniel 9:27 which talks about an abomination that will occur in the Jewish temple, and one time when this happens is when the king of Antioch, Antiochus Epiphanes (168 B.C.), sacrificed swine inside the Holy of Holies, and later the anti-Christ will declare himself god in the Holy of Holies).  As for the U.S., this weakening could be exaggerated by the rapture which could remove perhaps millions of Christians from the country leaving the nation in shambles.

So, neither of these events are a surprise.  Does the ire of the world make sense?  I cannot see it myself.  At the simplest level, Israel owns at least a part of Jerusalem, and so it should matter not if Israel declares any place where they reside as their Capital.  It simply irks people because Palestine continues to complain of unfairness, and it’s widely known that it is offensive to Muslims that the Jews still think of Jerusalem as belonging to them and that it is still the Holy Capital which it originally was under King David’s control, and the kings that followed.  Does the world really think that Israel will ever relent in that regard?  It seems foolish to think Israel could relinquish the significance of their past in the region so well documented in their scripture.

I also find the Arab argument over Jerusalem lacking because any legal claims to Jerusalem ended ten years after 1948 and what has happened since then is a defense of Israel that was so successful, Israel gained control of the lands such as Golan Heights, Gaza strip and the West Bank.  It almost seems ludicrous that Arabs would claim Israel’s possession of any land taken in war should be given back, when the original claim to the land soon to be named Palestine was taken by force.

Much of the Arab lands were taken by force, and not in defense of their own lands, but aggressively taking it, while Israel was defending itself against overwhelming odds in the wake of threats to annihilate them. If ever in those two comparisons there was a just taking of land, it was Israel’s, yet the world stands firmly against them 179 to 9 to deny them their sovereignty to even declare a Capital city for themselves.  How can a U.N. vote take such sovereignty away from Israel when it would do no such thing to any other nation regardless if they took land defending themselves or aggressively planned to take it by force?  The world is full of those who did the latter, yet no one is telling them to give their land back to anyone.

So, as we live in these Revelation times, we can see another milestone on our way to joining Jesus in the sky.  As I said before, these are both scary and exciting times we live in.  We are seeing major prophesies unfold before our eyes.