Lining up Events with Warning Signs and Revelations

So, I must begin with what are the sign posts down the road provided in Revelations.  What assured us that we weren’t close to the prophesied times were the three almost impossible changes coming for the world related to the anti-Christ.  In the likely order of happening, they are: 1. A global financial system, 2. A global government, 3. A global religion.

As far as a global financial system, the forming of the European Union was the first sign preparing the world for such a change as the Euro united multiple monetary denominations into one.  A recent development of ATM Credit cards and online banking has moved us much closer to a global economic system.  Added to this is the growing issue of identify theft, and the hacking of secured systems.  It shows that companies world-wide will need to move toward a global system where only those with valid accounts tied to something like an implanted chip can use the system.  With the huge discrepancy between the prices of China’s goods and other countries through its control of incomes, many would look for a financial system that would level the playing field so all economies can be strong.

With all economies united, we’re closer to uniting governments, but the next largest factor that would drive toward a global government would be the prophesied pestilences and famine put together with growing global cataclysms such as record breaking hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and earthquakes.  The world would begin to turn to a charismatic leader who can arbitrate between countries and offer solutions for combining the resources of all countries to solve the world’s problems.

The world development toward one world religion was something I could not believe would ever happen, but when you consider that all the world religions have been moving toward a watering down of their religions, it’s getting closer to this now.  Though extremist Islam gets a lot of attention, it has driven a much larger population of well-meaning Muslims to take a more moderate approach to their faith distancing themselves from the evil of terrorism.  Christians have been moving away from mentioning sin and repentance and avoiding saying the Bible is the Word of God.  Jews and Muslims don’t see Jesus as a Savior, but revere Him as a good teacher, and with Christians distancing themselves from the need for one Savior to get to heaven, the religions are already more united.  More and more, you hear the phrase, “All religions are basically the same.”  One world religion begins to seem less impossible when considering these developments, but closer yet when you consider that a rapture is coming that will remove the most fundamental Christians from Earth removing the last obstacle to a world religion.